# # Strange Toys I Have Known: Sole of Godzilla's Gang

Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

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Strange Toys I Have Known:
Sole of Godzilla’s Gang

Godzilla's Gang

A while back I brought Nokogirin and Godzilla’s Gang to your collective attention. What I didn’t mention is that Nokogirin was not the only of the series I’d managed to round up. Minus the eponymous member, I have managed to “collect them all!”™

Now, despite the fact that this series represents a downsizing of an already cheap toy and a wider distribution model (brought from Japan to America by Mattel), it still displays decent workmanship and even some unique and careful detail. In particular, the feet.

While the soles of most vinyl kaiju are either flat or embossed with a maker’s mark, this series is notable for having distinctive treads sculpted into the feet of each character. The maker’s mark – Popy – has been relegated to an otherwise unremarkable expanse of flank, butt, or belly.

Without further ado, I give you the tootsies of Godzilla’s Gang (click a foot to see an expanded image):

Godzilla's Gang - Bemustar Bemustar Godzilla's Gang - Eleking Eleking Godzilla's Gang - King Joe King Joe

Godzilla's Gang - Micras Micras Godzilla's Gang - Muruchi Muruchi Godzilla's Gang - NokogirinNokogirin Godzilla's Gang - IcarusIcarus

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