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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

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Ghosts of Blogging Past

here's looking at your skull, baby

I’m sitting on the deck, having my nightcap and checking out the e-verse via my schmaht phone, when an email comes in from a friend: “Hey Corey, I think your blog got hacked.”

Before I can bring my site up to see what they’re talking about, I get a chat from another friend: “Has your blog been hacked?”

Oh, crap.

I get my site up on the phone and … nada: the same garbage I last posted is still there. I log in to the back end and find the mid-life photos and ramblings of a man too dim to keep his cultural dementia to himself. In other words, no sign of intruders.

What are they seeing that makes them think I’ve been hacked?

“a shit-ton of cutesy babies and flowers”

This makes me smile. Had the images been dark, disturbing or weird, no one would have batted an eye but because they are bright, lovely photos … dude, you’ve been hacked!

I can’t see what my friends are on about but maybe my iPhone’s browser is cached. I put down my drink (*sigh*) and dash indoors to suss the sitch, as it were but, seated at my pc, the mystery only deepens because, no matter where I look – site, back end, feed – I don’t see anything amiss.

Then my chat buddy drops the hint I need to make sense of it all: “Is brotherskull.blogspot.com yours?”

Once upon a time, around five years ago, I started a blog, via Blogger – Brother, I Can See Your Skull – to supplement my website. Then, about two years ago, I got off my keister, did a modicum of coding, and moved my blog over to the WordPress platform, which allowed full integration of the blog into my existing site.

I informed people of the impending move on my Blogger blog and then, when the time came, shut that puppy down.

The abandoned url? brotherskull.blogspot.com

It never occurred to me that someone might take the name “brotherskull” at Blogger again – especially not someone with the intent of posting large photographs of babies – but that’s what has happened.

My wife informs me that a more forward thinking individual might have kept the Blogger name, You know: mothballed the old blog, then redirected and whatnot. Well, if she’s so dang forward thinking, why didn’t she tell me this, then? That’s what I wanna know. I mean, just because she didn’t really know me until *after* I’d moved the blog isn’t much of an excuse for a forward thinker now, is it? Of course, what kind of a forward thinker would marry a person like me? I guess I’d better just keep my mouth shut and count my blessings …

Anyway, I wanted to take the time to make this post in order to forestall any further anxiety on the part of my “host of loyal readers” (both of which have already written in but there you have it – there’s no harm in pretending, is there?): http://brotherskull.blogspot.com/ is not my site nor is it related to my site in any way and, yes, I still find babies to be mostly distasteful and disturbing (with a little bit of disgusting thrown in for good measure).

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