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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

End of the Tunnel

B-Club “Zarab Seijin”

I’m not quite sure how this happened. Something about a request for me to come up with another calendar of toy pics and then my realizing, for the first time since I put one together, that I didn’t have 12 new pictures.

And then I started paging through my old work and I saw images I’d forgotten about, images I wanted to redo, and thought about images I still wanted to make, even if there is no viable market for them. Even if doing them means I’m putting time and effort into something that only three or four people care about outside of myself.

The challenge here was to make the toy seem as if it was in the tunnel without completely obliterating its visage.

Determined to replicate the situation to the best of my capacity, I opened up both ends of an oblong cardboard box, slipped the Zarab toy into the far end of it and began messing with lighting options.

This process was made doubly tricky by the fact that the toy glows in the dark!

In between shots I would let the toy’s luminescence “cool” but some of it slipped through and I think this may be what accounts for the final shot making the figure look somewhat transparent (it isn’t).

A composite of three shots of the toy at different light levels was used to complete the effect, along with some faux shadows to place the toy in the scene. (can you find my signature – I think it’s fairly obvious, if somewhat illegible).

I’m fairly happy with the shot (even if the composition sucks) but admit some chagrin at the highlights on the left *front* of the toy.

How did those get there?

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