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No Talkin’ Points – demo track

No Talkin' Points“No Talkin’ Points” popped up as I mucked about with a chord form in August of 2019. What surprised me was that this one-off noodle session based on locating inside-chords would evolve into a full song.

I’m not sure why, though. That’s pretty much how they all come to be.

Lyrically, this song deals with misconnection and miscommunication.

Those times when you think you’re having a conversation with a grounded, reasonable individual, then suddenly realize you share no common base of fact. You’re a rationalist and they’re off in spiritual woo-woo land, for example. Or you’re trying to have a calm, measured debate but they’re more interested in irrational hyperbole and character assassination.

Such situations are all too common, particularly these days, or so it seems.

No Talkin’ Points

I was left here alone
I cannot find my way back

I got no talkin’ points
left with you
You left me no talkin’ points
I dunno what to do

City streets are
cold and hard
Lone country roads, too,
leave their scars

I came here willing
You’re my guide
You drove right off the road
Free exchange has died

I got no talkin’ points
left with you
I got no talkin’ points
face gone blue
Y’hear me no talkin’ points
when I’m talkin’ to you
You think things like common sense
are just fake news
– cae 5/1/2020

No Video?

I hope to eventually change the heading above to “The Video” but, as of this point, I have yet to put together any footage for this song. The main reason for this is that I actually have some ideas about how I want it to look for once.

In the past, I’ve just grabbed whatever footage I have lying around and shape it into some kind of random video-mess to run behind the song. You know: classic MTV style.

This time around, however, the song invoked images of a lone person, walking down the side of remote highway. There would be different angles of this type of footage inter cut with various closeups of the instruments being played: acoustic guitar, bass, etc.

It sounds fairly simple, minus syncing the instrument pantomimes with the actual song, but finding the time has been tough. I do have a family, job, and lot of interests and projects …

Soon, I hope! In any case, it’s well past time I introduce folks to the CAE bandcamp page.

All lyrics, concept, programming, samples, bass, guitar, and vocals: CAE

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