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The Corey Fire Hydrant

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A couple of years back, a friend sent me a picture message on my phone of a Corey fire hydrant. The top had “The Corey” cast in relief upon it. I was intrigued. I’d never seen or heard of such a thing. He’s sent me an image of another, since.

This last weekend, I was traipsing around Seattle with some friends when I realized there were “Corey” hydrants everywhere. Most were encrusted with layers and layers of paint. The design of the plug is obviously antique yet, here they are, still in service. I took a few pictures and decided to do some research as well.

Rensselaer Valve Manufacturing Company was located in Troy, New York and manufactured fire hydrants from the 1880’s until around 1969. Their earliest hydrant was patented in 1889.

There is some debate as to whether the List 90 model, which has “THE COREY” cast onto its bonnet, is the first or second model to go into production at the plant but it most certainly dates back to before 1895. The hydrant is named after its inventor, William W. Corey of St. Louis, Missouri.

As was my experience in Seattle, and my friend’s in Oak Harbor, Rensselaer fire hydrants can still be found in service throughout the United States. Out of service units are considered collectible.

Damn if I don’t want one.

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22 Responses to “The Corey Fire Hydrant”

  1. Lowranger (Pete) says:

    I just stumbled onto your Corey Hydrant Thread.

    I’ve got a “The Corey” Hydrant that was here(Vancouver, Wash) when I bought my house.

    This type


    Actual images at my Image Shack Account




    Note- Image Shack seems to be having technical issues right now, 07/24/13 4:45 pm

    Make me an offer.

    You pick up.

  2. Ted says:

    I have one laying in my back yard says 1885 on the casting, Cory on top. It is one piece not a bolt base. I could send you some pictures if interested.

  3. Fred says:


    i am lookingfor corey hydrant if you have it in philippines we will buy at least 10 pcs……

    thanks and seriously speaking,


  4. wdf says:


    i am looking for corey hydrant if you have it in philippines we will buy at least 10 pcs……



  5. Steven Ward says:

    I have one in front of my business “The Fire Plug’ and someone just plowed it down yesterday. Major damage to their car. Does anyone know what “A Corey” is worth ?

  6. Tim Grube says:

    I am doing an amateur restoration on a Corey hydrant and I haven’t been able to specifically identify the model. It doesn’t have bolt hole around the perimeter of the bonnet. There are however, bolt holes on the flared portion of the barrel. Could I have mis-matched parts? Clueless in Seattle

  7. Hey Tim – I wish I knew the answer to your question but know less than you about them. Sorry
    – and good luck!

  8. Doug Droppa says:

    I am a borough councilman in the small town of Galeton, PA. We have a Corey hydrant we are replacing. We are trying to find someone who wants to buy it. Let me know if you are interested. Email me ad I will send you photos.

  9. levi holte says:

    hydrant still available?

  10. Lonny Cummings says:

    I have two Corey hydrants in my front yard and would like to sell them.

    I’m in Lake Forest Park which is literally down the street from Seattle

  11. Eli Geiss says:

    Looking for a corey hydrant we, had one stolen from our small town.

  12. Ricky Dunn says:

    I have 2 one piece The Corey hydrants in Virginia. Let me know if interested

  13. Corey says:

    My name is Corey also. I too live in Seattle. I grew up in a semi rural area in eastern Washington. As a kid my grandparents had a fire hydrant in the corner of their front lawn. It was the Corey. I didn’t get why but I figured they had done it for me. As an adult I have taken hundreds of photos of the Corey pretty much everywhere I have ever been. I am making a coffee table book for myself with the photos and would love to send you one.

  14. Wow – that sounds great! I’d love to see one.

  15. Kelly says:

    I have a Corey non flange bottom available for collector pricing. Was offered a sizable amount a few years back, which i turned down. Pictures are available if interested. It has a lot of cool paint layers on it. I chose to leave the “patina” on it. Valve stem down the center still attached. Interested buyes would pay for freight or local pick up.

  16. I have a “The Corey” fire hydrant that I would like to sell.

    I live in lake forest, ca and can be reached at (714) 401 1070.

    Give me an address or E mail if you would like photos.

  17. Robert Tindall says:

    Hey, retired OKC firefighter of 30 + years and have acquires a tremendous collection of hydrants and wheeled units, the latest a “The Corey” with the operation stem/not set to the outside perimeter of the bonnet, about the 2 o’clock position on a clock face with a cast circle guard around the stem preventing any other tool but a circle hydrant wrench to opr\erate. Any thought or where to search for year. I’ve been on the Rensselaer site and yet no avail. Thanks

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