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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

Bear With Me

Bear With Me

I received this Sankyo Bear from my friend, Jim, late last week and was immediately creeped out by it.

Originally, the eyes didn’t work very well but I fixed them (while formulating some potential future modifications – mwa-ha-ha!) then set about to make a short clip expressing the general sense I get from the toy.

The video initially had a different ending but, for some strange reason, Windows Movie Maker didn’t like the little bit where the bear was whipped from view – all that came before in the clip was acceptable and all after but, if I tried to save the project with that little chunk in it: no dice. I could even save it with that part in if I left the clip unedited -but not otherwise. I spent hours trying different ways of getting around this issue … drove me crazy. Then there’s that little blip of sound at the end. Couldn’t nix it, either. Stupid program. Clunky. I guess it’s worth every penny I paid for it …

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