# # Flea Market Finds: Ceramic Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Flea Market Finds: Ceramic Tyrannosaurus Rex

Ceramic Tyrannosaurus


I’m not really “into” dinosaurs, per se. I mean, yeah, my collection of Japanese toys does feature some creatures that qualify as dinosaur-like but actual, regulation dinosaurs? Not so much, thanks.

That being said, when I spotted this little fellah in the “collectibles” case of the local Goodwill, I had to take a closer look.

I’ve seen all kinds of things rendered in glossy ceramic before: horses, telephones, cars, vegetables even a pig dressed as a policeman but never a realistic dinosaur (whatever that means).

To me, the two fascinations – glossy ceramic figurines and realistically sculpted and decorated dinosaurs – are darn-near mutually exclusive; who thinks little boys should be given fragile ceramic playthings to bury in the sandbox? What self-respecting collector of cutesy knick-knacks wants a prehistoric predator posed amongst their collection of grinning, anthropomorphic fruit or fancifully bedecked bunnies in mid-flounce?

I just don’t get it … so I got it.

A scosche over 4″ in height and sporting a torn and yellowing “Japan” sticker on the underside of its tail (“It’s not Japanese,” my girlfriend opined. “That doesn’t say ‘Japan’, it says ‘Japa’. It’s a knock-off. You were took.”)

Upon dragging it home, I did a cursory google and eBay search and turned up nothing like it, which surprised me. Anyone else seen anything like this before?


Ceramic TyrannosaurusCeramic Tyrannosaurus

Ceramic TyrannosaurusCeramic Tyrannosaurus

Ceramic TyrannosaurusCeramic Tyrannosaurus

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4 Responses to “Flea Market Finds: Ceramic Tyrannosaurus Rex”

  1. Doc Tongue says:

    I have had some of those over the years – Brontosaurus, Triceratops. Nice little find in this day and age, especially from a Goodwill! There was a series of them made – I believe imported by Norcrest Ceramics? And YES that is a true Japan production tag.

  2. cae says:

    sweet! I would love to track down the others – pretty cool, actually … Thanks, Doc!

  3. Claudio says:


    I’d love to buy this dinosaur if you would be interest. I could pay the delivery costs.

    Please write me if you’re willing to sell it.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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