# # Chiburu Chiburu Chiburu (no pepsi: coke)

Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

Chiburu Chiburu Chiburu (no pepsi: coke)

In case it isn’t clear, I love me some Chibull.

Of all the toys I own, I think I’ve shot more images of the Chibull than any other.

Chibull (also known as Chiburu – it all depends on how culturally close you are to the point of origin) are aliens from episode 9 of UltraSeven – the sequel series to Tsuburaya Productions’ 1966, sci-fi television show, Ultraman.

Now, I’ve never actually seen an episode of UltraSeven (though I assume it is as goofily entertaining as the original Ultraman series, which I do have on DVD) so my attraction to the Chibull is based purely upon the design … M1-Go’s interpretation of the design that is.

Back in the early aughts, when I first started contemplating getting into the pricier vinyl toys (yes, I know: shamefully geeky, aint it?), it was a vision of M1’s Chibull that finally pushed me over the edge.

I’ve always loved octopuses and here, coupled with insanely bulging eyes and an improbably large and lippy smile, not to mention the strangely compelling symmetry and picture perfect presentation of M1’s interpretation on brightly colored, glossy vinyl , well, it set my heart strings a-quiver.

M1-Go is a small, Japanese toy company that has spent the bulk of its resources producing new vinyl toys of old properties, using a modern interpretation of the vintage aesthetic … for adult collectors.

Ridiculous (and convoluted) as that sounds, it works for me and to such a degree that I now feel a bit of a helplessness when I see Chibull toys of *any* make, which explains the third image above of various other funky interpretations (my personal fave is the Butanohana version with the bipedal body beneath the hideous, bulbous head).

For example, though I have sworn off buying toys of any kind, I still desperately crave the Billiken Shokai version of this character.

What is that?

The Billiken Shokai version is a large, vinyl kit that you have to assemble and paint yourself. Notably, it would also be the only version I own that accurately portrays the character as seen on the show.

(image appropriated from http://jbwid.com/art67.htm)

Further, the Billiken kit comes in two versions: primer gray and glow vinyl.

Glow vinyl -*sigh*- don’t get me started.


M1 Go does it again. 1 of 50, at the moment. It is highly unlikely I’ll ever own one of these. Darn it.

(image appropriated from http://www.m1go.com)

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