# # Egads.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog


Leave it to my friend Shlomo Jimmy to turn me on to something that is at once cool, interesting, unnerving, and, in it’s present form at least, utterly useless.

Impressed as I am by their graphic work, I’d be a lot more impressed if she bit at the cursor when you clicked it near her mouth – or blinked and teared up if you managed to click right on her eye. Is it just me or do her eyes look red? Late nights on a computer? Cannabis? Bad design choice?

They’re missing another bet, too: how long before we get a fluffy, little kitten that swipes at your cursor? That’d be more popular than some vaguely conscious girl

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  1. redwithenvy says:

    freaks me out.. right out..

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