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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

Today’s Vignettes

Me: ” … it was absolutely terrible.”

Him: “What’s the difference between absolutely terrible and relatively terrible?”

Me: “Well, relatively terrible is something that is being gauged on other experiences while absolutely terrible means there is no doubt or wiggle-room: the item in question is terrible no matter what you compare it to; its terribleness is absolute.”

Him: “Sounds like my first wife.”


My thoughts are interrupted as I mount the sidewalk near my work. What is that sound?

Someone hauling a plastic tarpaulin in through the window of a nearby brick building with a series of sharp tugs?

The rasping chuff of a poorly maintained street-sweeper?

Mutant thugs dragging an incapacitated robot into a darkened alleyway for some unknown, yet undoubtedly grim, and filthy purpose?

I turn my head to look – 30 feet away a small, black, Scottish terrier is sneezing repeatedly.


I’m walking down the sidewalk, a purple anodized, aluminum yo-yo shooting out and ahead of me from my right hand at regular intervals.

A passing woman stops to stare at me, a smile breaking across her face. “I haven’t seen a yo-yo in years” she exclaims.

“Is that nice?” I ask.

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  1. Yentam says:

    I like your doodle. : )

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