# # #34 - Jimbo, Dokuro, & Haino

Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

#34 – Jimbo, Dokuro, & Haino

Jimbo Dokuro & Haino

My friend, Jim, nabbed me this cool, old, glass, skull snow-globe thing and brought it up on one of his infrequent but always welcome visits.

It had long since emptied itself of water and the glitter inside had melted together at some point, the plastic confetti had clumped. I don’t know if it was from heat, chemical reaction, or both.

In any case, I pried the glass from the wood base, repaired the wiring, cleaned the skull of most of the melted crap, refilled it with water, and resealed it to the base. A few days later I shot this craptastic video with my iphone as a way of thanking Jim. The soundtrack in the background is Haino Keiji and Yoshida Tatsuya – soothing, neh?

A few months later, I was walking by it and decided to give it a shake and turn it on – you know, just for kicks.

I did so and, when I set it down, I noticed my hand was wet.

Uh-oh – had my seal gone bad?

Closer inspection revealed a crack in the chin – as I looked at it a small chunk of glass fell out and it *really* began to leak. What the hell?!?

Either one of the kids accidentally smacked it with something or my shaking had damaged the thin glass.

I ran to the bathroom and let it drain into the sink.

Oh, well. 🙂

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