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Overheard Onna Bus …

June 27th, 2011 by Corey A. Edwards

Two young, perhaps mentally challenged, men sit across the aisle from me on the bus.

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Hippie Chick

November 13th, 2008 by Corey A. Edwards

It is a pleasant summer day, the sun radiating down to heat our pleasant and bustling tourist destination of a town. I am on my knees behind the counter, busy taking inventory of a shipment of pseudo-prayer flags; squares of cloth emblazoned with brightly colored, new age motifs, strung together with black, cotton string, and selling for $41.50 apiece, retail.

The store is only moderately busy; tourists and regulars milling about the crystals, books, and tarot cards like lazy bees in a somnolent flower garden.

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When A Woman Touches Her Hair …

September 6th, 2006 by Corey A. Edwards


this blog began as a section on my site called “Infinite Diarrhea” which I took down very shortly after starting it because … people were reading it. This, in turn, was causing problems in my already failing marriage …


Nate, a coworker of mine, reminded me today of the old saw that, if a woman touches her hair whilelooking at you, she is attracted to you.

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