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Personal Liberties

December 5th, 2008 by Corey A. Edwards

Personal liberties can be such small things, and yet even the smallest, silliest ones, are like so much in life: you don’t know or fully appreciate what you’ve got until something or someone takes them away.

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The Necessary Year – Day 11: Defining the Parameters (part 2): Employment’s Necessities and To/From

June 11th, 2008 by Corey A. Edwards


(this post is part of an aborted 1 year experiment in material abstinence I called The Necessary Year)


Employment’s Necesities

I am presently employed as a graphic designer at a magazine, though it was not long ago that I was manager of a bookstore and, given the nature of our economy and the general stability of periodicals, there is no telling what job I’ll have when next I post to this blog – or if I‘ll be lucky enough to be employed at all.

But the question is, what does my job – or my career – require me to have?

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