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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

Lord of the Angles – demo track

“Lord of the Angles” (3:06) is a new instrumental work from my now reinvigorated CAE project.

It is the first track “to be released” (how silly) of my proposed “Curiosities from the Attic,” collection of demos. It was “released” first for the simple reason that it was finished first. I “wrote” the music, play all instruments (bass, guitar, pool balls), and “produced” the piece at home.

I say “demos” because I have almost no idea what I am doing “in the studio,” beyond trying to avoid the sonic pitfalls of modern recording. Who I am demonstrating my “talents” to and to what end, is the real question.

For my part, the answers would be “me” and “because I wanna,” respectively.

Lord of the Angles – Origin

I was lucky enough to grow up with both a bumper pool table and an older brother. The two came together on a regular basis to teach me important lessons like “don’t gamble beyond your skill set” and “practice, practice, practice.”

I managed to retain the table I grew up with (as well as the brother), and still enjoy getting my ass beat on the table by members of my current household.

“Lord of the Angles,” was named in the 11th hour. Prior to that, it was never designed as a tribute to the game, or my brother forever beating me at it. In fact, the piece had no name on at all through much of its development. It was my insistence on working “sound effects” into my recordings that led my hand in the naming. I imagined the light click of pool balls in the background (a sound I’ve long loved and always wanted to use) and that was that. It could have just as easily ended up as “Scraping Toast,” “Garbage Truck,” or what have you.

The piece was constructed in similar fashion. Like most of my musical work, I stumbled across the rhythm during one of my innumerable “fishing” sessions. Having hauled it aboard and determined it good, I continued fishing, using it as bait, until I caught a few minnows to go with.

I know, I know: it could use some salt.

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