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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

Maybe Crazy

Maybe Crazy - the new semi-autobiographical tune from Corey A. EdwardsJosephine lives on the streets
They say he wrote a children’s book
He wears a purse on his head
and trusts no one who drinks Coke
I once gave him some food from my picnic
in exchange for a handful of white rocks
I misunderstood. I thought
he just wanted a paper plate

Maybe crazy, yeah
Gone as a hoot owl
raised in a closet
Crazy, yeah – you know
but …

Rick has ground down brown peg teeth
in his welcoming smile
If you so much as acknowledge it,
well, you’re there for a while
“You need a vacation”
is something he says to everyone, every day
completely unaware of the irony

Maybe crazy, yeah
Daft as doorstop-
sharpening noodle
Crazy, yeah – you know
but …

Panhandle Danny plays
his Native American flute
“Teet-toot teet-toot” means:
“fuck you”
He plays this to the tourists who pass
without slinging him some coin
We started out as friends …
now he plays it for me, too

Maybe crazy, yeah
Mad as a Panrovian monk
Crazy, yeah – you know
but …

Come to think of it
sometimes folks give me the eye
just because I collect cat whiskers,
toys, skulls, and rust
I can be socially awkward
often “crossing the line” for a stupid joke
I prefer to stay home
and, yeah … I wrote this song …

Prob’ly crazy, yeah
but I’d like to know
what you’d give as your excuse?
Crazy, yeah
Crazy, yeah
We’re all crazy, yeah
Nuttier than a haddock
in pajamas on your lawn
Crazy, yeah – you know
but …

cae 6/14/2016(orig)

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