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My Kitty


My kitty rests on cashmere
my kitty sleeps on silk
A crystal bowl set out for him
holds clover sweetened milk
but when I let him outside
my kitty sheds all pretense
His eyes go wild
and oh, my child
what horrors doth commence!
He watches them from long grass
and catches at them with claws
They run to hide and
scream their squeaks
(which gives him little pause)
Playfully he tortures them
then bites upon the spine
while rending holes
deep in their skins he
laps their blood like wine
Yet, when I let him back in
he curls up to purr
His eyes, they close quite sweetly
as I stroke his so-soft fur
My kitty bathes on sheepskin
in feline yoga pose
and when he’s good and satisfied
he licks his small, pink nose

cae 9/26/2013

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