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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog



Watch the boys all gather ’round
responding to her siren sound
Silken hair and perfect skin
but she lets nobody in
Once a lover, once a friend
Once upon a time – the end
Now her lines have all been read
Nothing for her left unsaid

’cause she’s an actress now
and you can’t call her baby
She’s an actress now
an alabaster lady

she’s an actress now
better by intention
She’s an actress now
creating her dimension

Climb the stairs one by one
deadbolt lock – sounds like a gun
In the cool gloom of her flat
she doffs her limp coat and her hat
Get the bottle, pour the wine
In a while she’ll be fine
Later raise an empty glass
tells the world to kiss her ass

’cause she’s an actress now
and no one needs to see
She’s an actress now
what goes on behind the scenes

’cause she’s an actress now
suited to her role
She’s an actress now
total self control

From the mirror’s naked gaze
her wand’ring eyes cannot escape
reflected back she sees ghost
draped in threads of tattered hope
Trembling hands finger through hair
she tells herself she doesn’t care
Shake the pack and light a smoke
swallow wrong and start to choke

but she’s an actress now
and she’s not going to cry
She’s an actress now
just something in her eye

She’s an actress
actress now

She’s an actress
And the winner is …


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