# # An Open Letter To My Brain

Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

An Open Letter To My Brain

Open Letter To My Brain
You never stop and
though I love you greatly
it seems that it’s always
what have I done with you lately?
You’re just not content
to take the backseat
you think that your words will
bring the crowds to their feet
All those damn puns and
those strange correlations
You wake me at night
You challenge my patience
The things that you think
it’s from my mouth they must tumble
thus I take the blame
all the stares and the grumbles
while you sit back smiling
just watching the fray
ready with 10 more
dumb things you could say
but I ask you now: stop
and think, have you ever
considered that maybe
you’re just not that damn clever?
And what of this urgency
to do all that you want
This makes not an artist
but a dilettante!
Now painting, now writing
now sculpting or music
is no urge weak enough
for you to refuse it?
Always pushing away
those I’d have in my life
your jealousy reigns
over me like a wife
who feels left alone
abandoned, untested
You’re never content
but prowling and restless
and should you feel slighted
if I’ve done not enough
you pull me to darkness
down low, sad and gruff
where compliments sour
and joy turns to regret
locked in self loathing’s
deep, damp oubliette
So I drown you in brown
I mute you with green
and distract you with
all sorts of things in between
to silence the pull
of your gravity well
that, dare I ignore
it will drag me to hell
and back again kicking
those black moods so deep
I love you, my friend
But please, let me sleep!

2 Responses to “An Open Letter To My Brain”

  1. Daneese says:

    Ah, those damned puns and strange correlations and references to things so random that noone gets it but me.

    So once again, if the chemicals haven’t taken me to a place where I amuse my own damned self, then it’s pain to see the expressions on their faces; once again, I can almost hear them thinking, “what planet are you from?” or worse… “what’s wrong with you?”
    Unbearable though is a look of embarassment as he pleads with me…”just pleease… shut up!”
    Hey! Only I can tell myself that!
    But, once in awhile, a tiny brick is removed from my wall of misanthropy when I meet that unique individual who actually enjoys hearing my brain talk. 🙂

    I enjoyed hearing you talk to your brain. I related and that’s nice cuz I thought I was the only one.

    Thank you.

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