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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

Why I’m a Pansy-Assed Liberal



I know that my opinion is of little value or interest in the overall scheme of things; I’ll not be changing your mind any more than a recitation of facts would. Further, I don’t believe our present government, no matter whom is at the helm or what their political affiliation, has the *ability* to have our best interests at heart or would be very effective even if they could … but I’ll rush into the breach, anyhow.

Before we begin, allow me to outline a few of my other opinions in order to help demonstrate that I am not necessarily a typical liberal in the present, polarized, media-solidified sense of the word:

I believe that there’s nothing wrong with spanking children when the situation calls for it. I know it can be positive and instructive.

I think you should take your hat off when you go inside and at formal occasions (unless your religion or injury requires a hat, of course).

It is disrespectful to not stand with hand on heart when the flag is presented at ceremonies, passes at parades, etc.

I believe that outlawing guns isn’t going to end gun violence and, though I don’t own a gun, I enjoy firing them.

Abortion most definitely kills a growing child – denying that is hypocritical whitewash. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

It is my sense that our country’s going to hell in a hand-basket due in large part to the disappearance of personal responsibility, an ever growing sense of entitlement, and an increasing tide of moral relativity – a frightening trend I pin directly on the proliferation of the liberal mindset.

And yet, in the decision of whom should helm our country, I have yet to be able to vote Republican.

Now, as I tried to demonstrate above, I am not one of those who closes one eye and simply looks for the ‘D’ on the ballot. I prefer to make educated, not brand-based, decisions and have been known to vote for *character* over political affiliation in lower offices. When it comes to the president, however, I feel almost an obligation towards the liberal ones, even when I disagree with them. Why?

Civil rights. Social freedoms.

The Republican party has slid out of supportability for me because, in general and as a whole, they openly don’t support me. Because of certain of my beliefs, I am a non-entity to them. Invalid. I should just go away. The party that preaches liberty and less government would erect laws and social institutions that would outlaw, harass, and potentially even incarcerate me and my ilk, for I am an atheist. It would be even worse if I were homosexual. It is a sad state of affairs that I am forced to be thankful that I am heterosexual because of religiously co-opted policy and culture.

Of course, Republicans do not have a monopoly on theocratic mania.

Presidential candidates in general make a show of religious obeisance in order to secure votes among the traditional majority and the fact that, at this time, you simply couldn’t be elected President if you’re an atheist let’s me know that I am a stranger in a strange land … but I can handle that. I *am* of the minority and have been all my life – likely always will be.

And yet, I have numerous religious friends, relatives, and acquaintances from both sides of the political spectrum who treat myself and others like me with the respect I return to them and due any fellow human. They do this despite their beliefs because they know that getting along in real life trumps getting in good with their god, no matter what their book says or what they profess while on their knees. I believe that most people in our country feel this way … for the time being.

I hate to sound like a shrieking alarmist but the Republican party, willingly hijacked by the religious right for business reasons, is very busy shaming, cajoling, and outright bullying America into a sort of new Christian Reich; a hair-raising but very real nightmare scenario we creep closer to with every Republican president elected. Anyone not white, male, Christian, or heterosexual has real and verifiable reasons to fear the Republican party of the present day because, simply stated, they have not your best interests at heart.

On the flip side, I understand why those with a strong sense of faith must vote as they do. Their sense of wrong must be as strong as mine when they see the things they have been taught to be abominations becoming not only the norm in society but codified into law. I have sympathy and respect for those who stand up for their beliefs with positive, civil action just as I am no friend to those who try to cram their lifestyle choices down the throats of people who are made uncomfortable by them, even when I support the right of the choice. The idea is not to slip on but to remove the straight-jackets – from ourselves and from our neighbors.

Further, I am incensed that people’s heart-felt beliefs are being exploited to support policies that harm them for the express purpose of lining the pockets of their oppressors. There it is – my conspiracy theory. I don’t believe everyone in the party is guilty of this crime, nor do I believe it restricted to Republicans – but I do believe they are, by and large, the greatest offenders on this score and that it is baldly obvious to any willing to observe with a keen eye. Something is quite rotten here … truth be told, at the core of our entire political process.

When people try to argue that it’s the economy, stupid, I have to agree that Republicans tend toward a more rational track record there … but I would rather be free than rich. It is ironic to me that, presently, it is the “party of big government” that provides greater access to real freedom.

In closing, while I find much to praise and much that needs work on both sides of the ever-widening aisle, I must side with the group that seems most likely to not only support my beliefs but *everyone’s.* Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is meant to be a universal goal, not just one for people who look and act as you. As I stated in my opening paragraph, I’m not convinced our government is able, at this point, to work towards our best interests with any measurable facility but, even if failure is to be the result, I prefer the failings of the compassionate, optimistic idiot over the frightened, bumbling bigot.

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