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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog


I dreamed about you last night
and in the dream
we were in a restaurant
with some other folks
and I asked you
for some stupid reason
if we were still in your house
and I felt the mistake
and the shame immediately
for your eyes darted
and your smile got nervous
and you said:
“I don’t know, ha ha ha.”
And the others we were with
they looked at me like
“Shut the hell up!”
“What are you thinking?”
I tried to explain myself
but instead just said:
“I have to go now.
I have to go but first
I need to use the restroom.”
And you
you wanted to use the restroom, too
So you followed me out
but I was so eager to get away
that I walked ahead a little fast
and realized
after I ducked into the blue and white tile
of the men’s room opening
that you might already be lost
So I came back out
and sure enough
there you were
asking some nice young men dressed in hip-hop fashion
“Is that the ladies room, there?”
So I took your arm
and I guided you
never wondering how
you’d get back to the table
once you were through
Because it was just a dream
and your face was
younger, filled out, and made-up
as I haven’t seen it in years
But I know
in this waking reflection
that the scenerio isn’t too far off the mark
and as I think on it now
not walking away this time
it fills my belly cold
and reminds me of the time
when I was five or so
that I got lost from you
in the Greeley mall
and was convinced
I would never see your face
nor hold your hand again
Only now
you wont come out from behind a pillar
and stop my tears
Because now
I really have lost you

cae 7-16-11

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