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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

The Chairman

You’ve seen this before – or variations of it, anyway.

This is one of my friends, lovingly referred to by a small knot of Japanese toy fiends as “The Chairman.”

I’m not quite sure how the appellation began.

I know he long used communist propaganda symbology in reference to his ebay activity (I won’t even attempt to explain that), has Chinese (Maoist?) heritage, and his bullish enthusiasm for the online “sport” of bidding on, boasting about, and enabling others in the hobby of Japanese toys can border on the dogmatic.

In any case, within our Japanese toy community, the man is legendary.

So when a recent group event on the East Coast within said community was announced that he was not only trumpeting but intended to be a part of, it seemed only fitting to lampoon him in print – and where better than on a t-shirt?

Fellow cohort, Sir Xtopher von Vegas, suggested the idea during a recent alcohol-fueled visit to my shabby burg. After the third pitcher of overpriced beer, it started to sound like a good idea.

Two days later, after the hangover wore off, I set to work adapting an old design of “the Chairman” to this new purpose, then promptly posted variations of it to my Cafe Press account and alerted the appropriate agent.

But would anyone be mad enough to actually buy the stupid thing?

Never underestimate the insanity of the Japanese toy crowd.

One poor sucker, a fellow publicly accused of Sanjeevery in the past, bit.

And what of the aforementioned Xtopher who spurred me on to this slavish bit of piss-poor designage and overly optimistic mongering?

“Crap….I waited too long. Now, if I want one in time, it’s $35. I love a joke, but $35?”

Sumbitch …

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