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Tom & Jerry and The Bellamy Brothers (addendum)

The mystery is solved: according to a coworker, the corporation I am presently employed by and whom is also in control of the songs I hear while under said employ, is using The Bellamy Brothers song “Let Your Love Flow” as the background music in a televised advertising campaign.

They’re apparently keeping the song in heavy rotation at their stores in the hopes that it will cause some pseudo-Pavlovian response among those shoppers who have witnessed said campaign on their home sets, as if this minuscule bit of psychological warfare could be heard over the unavoidable reverberations of the Christmas Season’s titanic and already ringing dinner bell: Supper’s ready, suckers: on your knees and whine for it.

One final note about The Bellamy Brothers:

I hope the money they got for selling out their song for commercial purposes brought them a lot of happiness. Since they’re now just a couple of has-been hacks, I suppose it probably did. What would it matter to them if one of their songs, that used to bring a lot of joy to their fans, has now been co-opted by heavy rotation as part of an ad campaign?

Yeah, my idealism is showing.

I know full well that any “hit single” on the radio is already co-opted by heavy rotation as part of an ad campaign – to sell records and thus line the pockets of the record company itself, whether the creators of said song were complicit or not – but when a group intentionally sells out an old song to purely corporate interests, no matter how good or bad the tune is, no matter how big or small, it makes me ill and I can’t resist the urge to say I hope they choke on it.

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  1. bacon ace says:

    Please grow a twisted up handlebar mustache now that you work in a bakery? Pretty please?

  2. cae says:

    I would if I could – that sort of personal expression is not allowed.

  3. bacon ace says:

    What kind of an ass would tell a baker that he couldn’t have a mustache? Especially one of the twisted up handlebar variety?

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