# # From A Long Forgotten Notepad In The Glovebox

Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

From A Long Forgotten Notepad In The Glovebox

Didn’t know shit at 16
Knew even less at 20
By the time I die
I’ll know nothing at all
Brother, knowing that
seems plenty

Wish I had Tourette’s
so I could say
what I’m not thinking

I was raised in Colorado –
Northern Colorado – very provincial,
conservative … backwards.
I disliked school on principle
but PE was the worst.
Always the same thing – football,
baseball, basketball, volleyball,
you know the drill. Traditional, boring.
Soccer was a rarity, rugby
unheard of. So I was thrilled
when, one year, they offered
fencing. I immediately signed
up but began to have
misgivings when I was issued my
post-hole digger.

I want to plunge a
knife in my throat
and declare a
national holiday

nothing is impossible
and there is always lying.
You’d be amazed at what
some people are willing to believe

One day
folding into another
my face
folding into itself
for nothing
and receiving
for waiting
the rain
makes everything
I am not surprised.

The man sits, waiting
in the car, his wife inside
He will wait forever

(in my daughter’s large, looping hand)

Nipples hairpiece ice-cream fork,
don’t you be a little dork
eat your pickles with your pork
Nipples hairpiece ice-cream fork


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  1. KJT says:

    Fencing! Ha – that made me chuckle…

  2. redwithenvy says:

    yeah, the fencing bit almost made me pee my pants.

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