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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

A Secret Way Of Saying …

“… well, girls usually like my eyes.”
“Your eyes?”
“Yeah: my eyes. The women I’ve gone out or flirted with typically comment on my eyes. Your mom regularly did, so have many others.”
“Uhhh, dad?”
“That’s a kind of … a girl’s secret … a way of saying …”
“What are you trying to say?”
“Well, when there’s nothing … when you’re not … it’s what girls say to a guy when there’s nothing else to say anything nice about.”



7 Responses to “A Secret Way Of Saying …”

  1. redwithenvy says:

    it’s also what girls say when they want to do nothing else but stare into them at length.

  2. cae says:

    Well I certainly hope so!

    When I asked her, “So are you saying I’m ugly?” she replied, “You’re my dad!”
    “So that’s a yes?”
    “Yeah, pretty much.”

    For this person I slave and worry? Kids. Sheesh …

  3. bacon ace says:

    And a “nice personality” means you’re fat. Just sayin’ is all.

  4. cae says:

    No one’s ever accused me of that.

  5. Matney says:

    I think it’s a girls way of saying she wants to jump your bones…

  6. cae says:

    Well I certainly hope so!

  7. Pam W says:

    I think somewhere I have a badly-written “poem” borne out of teenage angst, which does nothing but address the author’s longing to know what lies behind a particular set of brown eyes. Had the author known that those eyes might one day peer out from behind a peanut butter sammich, she might have been slightly less wistful. 😉
    Sometimes you tell someone they have nice eyes because they have nice eyes.

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