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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

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Stretch Armstrong

Do you know what a Stretch Armstrong is?

In the 1970’s they made this toy:
A wrestler or weight lifter
blond, clad only in shorts,
made of a stretchable plastic
and filled with a mixture of corn syrup
that allowed the toy
to be stretched and stretched
to ridiculous proportions
but never break
or so they said

I never owned one but a friend of mine
received a Stretch Monster
(Armstrong’s nemesis)
for Christmas
and it wasn’t too long before
one friend got on one side
and one friend got on the other
and they pulled
and they pulled
and pulled
until Stretch Monster
he split
and his ichor,
it came oozing out
His body rent,
now limp, long, and leaking,
never assumed its previous shape
So they left it there
draped unceremoniously over a stump
until nature
she took him back

And when I think of what we are doing
to our daughter in this divorce
that’s what I think of

cae 8-27-08

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2 Responses to “Stretch Armstrong”

  1. redwithenvy says:

    my heart just broke. and felt like it, anyway.

  2. KJT says:

    Ouch, didn’t see that coming when I started ready this post. Whew, that sucks, my friend.

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