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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

Jesus Is …

There’s this looming, metal sign on the road near my house that says, in large, blue letters: JESUS IS LORD.

The sign undoubtedly once read “Mobil” or “Standard”, “Sinclair” or maybe just “GAS” because it is hung on the same property as a long defunct gas station, which, for an unknown reason, someone keeps painting and maintaining despite its apparent irrelevance. (there’s a connection here, somewhere)

Anyway, being a devout, respectful, penitent sort, the first time I saw this sign I said to myself: “No, Jesus is …”

I pulled over, got out my camera, took a couple of quick, artless shots, then went home to my good buddy, mr. photoshop, who helped me to process it as I saw it.

Now I realize that, to some of you, this irreverent bit of humor may be scandalous or even dangerous but think about it: in the US at least, Jesus is pretty danged loud – this blaring, out of place sign just scratches the surface of his volume.

‘Round these h’yar parts, he’s louder than Buddha, Muhammad, and even Harold Klemp (though not but a peep in the face of the wall of noise that is the likes of Paris Hilton and Hannah Montana, I must admit).

You about can’t escape the noise.


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