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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

Bending Over Backwards

People say “He’s a nice guy. He’ll bend over backwards for you.”

Now, the funny thing about bending over backwards is that, unless you’re a gymnast, or a contortionist, some kind of a physical performer, there is absolutely no purpose to doing it.
Not only is it difficult to do, it is a useless act which leaves you incapable of the simplest forms of assistance, such as carrying a package or opening a door. What the hell can you hope to accomplish in such a position except mussing your hair and lifting your shirt without using your hands?

So, if you run across a person who is willing to bend over backwards for you, what you’re dealing with is someone who has absolutely no idea how to help you and all the time and sincerity in the world to demonstrate it.

Most of us aren’t really in the kind of shape we would need to be in to properly and safely bend over backwards, either. I’ll bet somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% of us would need emergency care if, out of misguided altruism, we even attempted it.

But isn’t that how it often goes? You bend over backwards trying to help someone and end up in the hospital for your troubles. There is no justice.

But really, can you imagine meeting someone who actually does bend over backwards for you?

Gerry: “Stan, I’d like you to meet Ethel; she’ll bend over backwards for you.”
Stan: “Hi Ethel, I . . . holy cow, she really will won’t she? Wow!”


Gerry: “Stan, this is Fred; a hell of a guy, he’ll bend over backwards for you.”
Stan: “Erm … yeah. That’s, that’s really special, Fred but I think I’d prefer you didn’t. Especially in that kilt.”


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  1. Matney says:

    Bending over backwards is simple if you are an invertabrate. Maybe that’s where the saying holds all it’s power, because beding over backwards for someone is easy when your spineless.

    Know what I mean?


    But I do like the kinky factor you added to the saying,very nice.

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