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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

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Guerilla Carfare – demo track

“Guerilla Carfare” is somewhat unique among my other recent tracks in that it’s actually fairly new. I stumbled across the riff a few months back and the song came together relatively quickly (for someone using my protracted process).

More often than not, I’ll come across a rhythm/riff combo that pleases me but will find developing the idea any further a real trial. It has lot to do with having had so little music education. When I get stuck like this, I imagine the educated musician knowing what to try immediately, not desperately noodling around, as I do, like some dumb ape.

Anyway, there was none of that with “Guerilla Carfare.” I found the riff, supplied the rhythm, and the rest just fell into place. Either I’m getting better at this … or I unconsciously stole the whole idea.

Guerilla Carfare

“Guerilla Carfare” originally had a totally different working title. A forgettable collection of words that didn’t fit the tone of the music at all. It was so forgettable, in fact, that I’ve forgotten what it was.

Guerilla Carfare, on the other hand, is play on words (“guerilla Warfare” – get it?) I came up with a few years back. It was initially appended to another, now long since aborted, musical idea. I made a mental note to remember the title when throwing out the other piece and was glad I did. I seized upon it quite gratefully when casting about for a replacement title for this new song.

So what, exactly, is guerilla carfare?

“Guerilla” as an adjective refers to “actions or activities performed in an impromptu way, often without authorization.”

I eventually decided that the song title referred to cadging a ride from a private individual and/or paying for that ride in any way possible.

“Guerilla Carfare” and my other songs can be found on the CAE bandcamp page.

Concept, programming, samples, bass, and guitar: CAE

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