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Punch the Clock – demo track

“Punch the Clock” had the working title of “Chicken On A Leash” and, had I not just released another song with the word “chicken” in its title, that’s what it would have stayed. Oh, well. This short, simple instrumental tune is just as easily the soundtrack for someone working as it is someone walking … a chicken on a leash.

Chickens. Always funny and odd to me. Miniature dinosaurs. Flappy, bobbly, and squawky with skinny little stilt legs and serious expressions. Is it any wonder they’re my go-to funny/odd/out of place animal?

So yeah, “Chicken On A Leash.” Can you even imagine that? I can, and here’s the soundtrack to it. Entitled, appropriately enough, “Punch the Clock.”

Punch the Clock

This is another very old concept (ten years? twenny?) that I’m just now getting around to. Another of those “almost finished” tracks I discovered while doing a survey of my many-many in-progress music projects. It was so close, just needing a bassline, I thought: “why not get ‘er done?”

Back when I first started work on this piece, I attempted to play the backing rhythm, a looped guitar. The result sucked in comparison, however, so I ended up using the original loop. It’s the first time I’ve done that and I think it sounds ok. Phew!

“Punch the Clock” and my other songs can be found on the CAE bandcamp page.

Concept, samples, bass, and guitar: CAE

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