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Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

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Merkin – demo track

The musical seed for “Merkin” was a failed introductory riff I tried on another, yet to be produced song. While the riff didn’t work out as originally intended, it was simple and blunt enough to be used elsewhere, thankfully.

“Merkin” is a pretty forward, almost kinda punk, verse chorus verse song. Two guitars, bass, drum (machine) and 5 vocalists who all sound remarkably alike. I didn’t even leave space for a solo, though, if I ever revisit, I may add a few acrobatic flourishes here and there. There’s certainly room and it could be done to good effect.

In the 11th hour I also added a real-live shaker (oooh – talent!) and a clip of the insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

I’m (very) slowly and in my own (harebrained) way getting better at production, though my recordings sound as if they’re all slightly congested. (covid?) Maybe, if I’d watch or read a tutorial or two …

I also still have a lot to learn about writing drums but on the flip-side and once again, I’m really proud of the bass in this song. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not more of a bassist than a rhythm guitarist, much less a lead guitarist. sigh.

When it comes to the song’s meaning, the lyrics tell a very obvious tale.


I should be allowed to beat my dog
I should be allowed to kill for God
I should be allowed to spread disease
I should be allowed to cut down every fucking tree

‘Cause I’m a merkin
and I got rights
Yeah, I’m American
sometimes it keeps me up nights

I should be allowed to dodge the tax
I should be allowed to pick and choose my facts
I should be allowed to change the outcome
I should be allowed to suck my thumb

‘Cause I’m a merkin
I got my rights
Yes, I’m American
sometimes that keeps me up nights

I should be allowed to wave my gun
Run muthafucka run muthafucka run mutha
run muthafucka run muthafucka, muthafucka run
I should be allowed to call you names
I should be allowed to have no shame

‘Cause I’m a merkin
I know my rights
As an American,
this shit can keep me up nights

– cae 9/10/2021

No, Really – What?

In this instance, a “merkin” is a person who uses a patriotic stance to support behaviors or attitudes that are antithetical to the stated philosophy or laws of the country they claim to love. You know, like thinking you’re a patriot as you chant “fuck the blue” at Federal police officers attempting to protect the United States Capitol from your attack. Merkin behavior like that.

While I clearly lean left, I made sure to leave room in the lyrics for merkins of all political stripes. There are dog beaters, tax dodgers, sour grapers, no shamers, and big baby thumb suckers on both sides, after all. No one party has a patent on redickerous behavior, and it will take us all working together to make things better.

Also, hand-wringing, tree-huggin,’ candy-ass liberal that I am, I’m no America hater. I love this country. I was a Boy Scout, fer chrissakes, and still cherish much of what I learned while in those ranks. Give me legitimate cause and I’ll readily give my life for this country and what it stands for.

Too many of my countrypeople, disturbed by our country’s current culture and past history, try to put distance between themselves and the flag. While I agree there’s plenty to be disturbed by, this only makes me feel like hugging the flag closer.

The America I know, love, and am a patriot for is not a perfect place. Rather, it merely strives to be. Becoming a better, more accommodating place for all through time by acknowledging its past shortcomings and learning to recognize the genuine power of greater diversity. Who didn’t covet that biggest box of crayons?!?

After years of chiding (“oh, look: Americans”) those who openly parade their pride of citizenship via a flag, I recently added one to my home’s exterior. I AM proud of this country and what I know it can be. I will not meekly cede the flag and all it stands for to greedy, mouth-breathing, think-nots and hate-spewing, spit and polish, truncheon swingers. The stars and stripes are my flag and the flag of my sisters and brothers. The United States is my country, and this limp-wristed, liberal, tree-hugger is a proud patriot.

I got my rights.


“Merkin” and my other songs can be found on the CAE bandcamp page.

All lyrics, concept, programming, samples, bass, guitar, shaker, and vocals: CAE

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