# # Godzilla's Go-Kart (The Go-Kart) Model Build - Aurora / Polar Lights

Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

Brother, I Can See Your Skull. - The Coreyshead Blog

Godzilla’s Go-Kart (The Go-Kart) Model Build – Aurora / Polar Lights

Polar Lights reissue of the classic, Aurora models Godzilla’s Go-Kart – aka “The Go-Kart” model.

I received this kit, along with two others, as a gift. Of the three kits I received, two were of a type I’d never have chosen for myself. This is one of those kits and, of the two, the one I was most excited about. The Godzilla sculpt was just too fun.

I decided to do the other kit first and I’m glad I did because it was fantastic and suddenly I was excited to do more modeling.

On the other hand, the Kong kit had so many small details and great sculpting that suddenly I wasn’t as excited about Goji. Oh well … Onward.

Modifications to the Kit

The kits hollow wheel bothered me so I decided to fill them in. But with what? I decided to try something already round with a center point: spray can lids. It wasn’t the best choice as the plastic was hard to sand and shape – but it worked.

I’d love to track down some thin, sheet polystyrene for future such jobs.

The only other real customization was the inclusion of some actual clear plastic for Goji’s goggles. I crafted a paper pattern, then used it to cut out what I needed from a plastic cookie container.

The only other real custom work on this model is the steering column … which I lost at some point. I figure I accidentally threw it out with the sprues. Rats. I looked through the trash but, in the end, just used a sprue to shape what I needed.

Godzilla’s Go-Kart (The Go-Kart)

Another great kit from defunct Aurora Models. Much easier to assemble than Kong’s Thronester, which I did first, but a similar challenge, none the less.

The chrome engine parts were a real nightmare, however. Scrape off the chrome or leave it alone. Painting it is a fool’s game.

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