# # 5 Years in 5 Seconds (approximately)

Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

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5 Years in 5 Seconds (approximately)

5 Years in 5 Seconds (approximately)

I recently discovered a treasure trove (?) of really stupid self portraits that collected in my computer over the years while I was working out of a particular office. May 2009 to January, 2014 – 5 years in 5 seconds (approximately).

The camera in this Mac has seen a lot – mostly me answering email and the phone, photo-correcting client images, puzzling out strings of html, css, js, and php – but also me surfing the net and taking questionable pictures of myself when I might have been working a little more diligently.

The images were not created out of vanity – well, not many of them, anyway. It’s hard to be vain when your first reaction upon seeing a camera lens is to act like a total dipstick. Instead, I created them over the years to illustrate the point, complete the joke, startle the timid, annoy the serious, and, of course, to waste the time.

Far more images were deleted than retained as I discarded what didn’t work or deleted them used off the machine after twisting them to my purposes. Somehow, though, 62 images remained extant in Photo Booth’s little queue.

Well, you know me: so many of the images were of a series that I decided I wanted to see them put together as a kind of time lapse in the form of an animated gif. Natch.

I was *so* amused by the results (don’t I appear to be, always? Makes you a little sick after a while, doesn’t it?) I felt compelled to share the silliness. Some little sections, such as the phone series, are great on their own. At least I think so.

Of course I do.

And so, with no further ado, I give you 5 years in 5 seconds (approximately):

5 Years in 5 Seconds (approximately)

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