# # Monsters n' Robots n' T-shirts: oh my!

Brother, I Can See Your Skull.

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Monsters n’ Robots n’ T-shirts: oh my!

As I continue to work at upgrading my pokey, old website and organizing the photos on my harddrives (!), other, long-forgotten projects continue to rear their heads. One of which is before you, now:

Mimicking the navigation for the Japanese toy gallery on my website, this t-shirt features tiny little monsters and robots in bright colors, speckled across your chest like a rash of bad taste (which is what it could be argued to represent).

Suggested/requested by a fellow toy-enthusiast, the idea has sat in the back of my mind for well over a year, yawning and shifting uncomfortably from one buttock to another on the cold, hard planks of my brain’s bare, back room bench. (don’t feel too sorry for it: it didn’t sit alone back there!)

Beyond simple inertia, the main delay was the fact that the icons on my site are the size you see them: not suitable for print. I foolishly retained none of the larger work files, thus each icon had to be reconstructed anew. Ugh. But I finally did it and now I am excited to get one of these, myself.

The transfers are bright and durable, the t-shirts 98% cotton (the last 2% of the material representing the inadvertent inclusion of hapless insects and drops of sweat from the children enslaved to produce said garments) and fit very well, as long as you get your head and arms in the proper holes.

Buy me one, now!

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