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American Idle – Steamy Creamy Beanness

Friday, March 27th, 2015

I’ve been getting back into guitaring, as I like to say, and this has gotten me back into … looking back at things which have sprung before, unbidden from the instruments I torture.

Steamy Creamy Beanness is a musical idea I’d almost forgotten about – a bit of doggerel, a knock off – but I rather like this short edit of my initial concept combined with this silly, time-lapse video, here. Doop-de-doo … what else lies in these vaults, I wonder

Steamy Creamy Beanness

Once again, please forgive the sound quality (much less the hamhanded playing) – this is recorded live onto boombox sometime in 2002.

For more of this kind of torture …

American Idle – Part the Second; Still In The Basement

Saturday, June 30th, 2012


Sharon's Basement 2006


The last few months have seen my return to music creation at the cost of much else in my life. I remain obsessed with regaining – and then hopefully surpassing – all past musical endeavors and, as such, have spent much time in pouring through the audio diary I’ve kept (more off than on these last five years) since 1991.

Thinking quite correctly that the better bits would be at the end rather than the beginning, I started transferring the most recent tapes to digital and sifting through the resulting tracks for nuggets with which to kick start the practice and aim of my renewed passion.

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American Idle ~ or ~ The Early Recordings of CAE

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

CAE - Early Noises Collected


I fell in love with music very early on in life but, as with the visual arts, never really caught the bug to create any myself until well past said age.

In 1989, I began work as a security guard and there met Bruce Norton, an amateur blues guitarist. In casual conversation with him, I voiced the guitar-playing pipe-dream most young men of our culture have and he assured me that the dream could be realized. In short order, he sold me a guitar and showed me a few tips and tricks.

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