I blame it all on my brother and Alen Yen's ToyboxDx.

In the late 90's, an urge to bond with my brother saw me following his lead into the inane world of action figure collecting, followed shortly thereafter by my discovery of a website dedicated to the collecting of Japanese robot toys.

When the people you share your hobby with are removed from your immediate presence, you take pictures and, when you're a creative attention whore, you want those pictures to be interesting.

Enter digital photgraphy and photoshop.

I've long been interested in photography and dabbled with the medium some in highschool but never had the resources to pursue more seriously my dark(room) urges, which stymied my artistic growth in this area.

Now the digital realm, with its endless supply of "film" and "darkroom" time, have removed the barriers to anyone unable to afford said tools.

I began to not only take pictures but learn to tweak and compose them. I have become reasonably accomplished in the former, allowing me to disguise my continued deficit in the latter.

After displaying to myself and others this potential talent, I was motivated to take some continuing-ed classes in digital design at a local community college. It was there that I began to move beyond toys, somewhat, though they retain the bulk of my photographic focus (pun serendipitous).

Monsters & Robots - Composites and portraits of a recent obsession, now mostly in hibernation for financial reasons. Pardon the navigation. It is likely taxing the bejesus out of your cpu. Bang bang bang.

Settings & Scenes - is a catch-all collection of objects and places. Things that catch my eye.

The Multitudes - Refers to humanity and herein are my "portraits" if you want to call them that. Mostly the subjects are I and my immediate family; not so out of egomania but shyness, I assure you.

Distortions - Nothing is more enjoyable to me than taking some mundane shot and twisting it around/combining it into something other than else.

cae 10-2010